Recently, the Mercedes-Benz brand Lorinser Queen modification (Lorinser) introduced a new Mercedes-Benz S-class refit work. Lorinser Mercedes-Benz S500 mainly for looks, handling and dynamic aspects of the modification. As has authorized Mercedes-Benz and enjoy the protection of the Department of Global Services professional conversion brand, Lorinser enjoy a high reputation in Europe. With a luxurious atmosphere modified concepts and design elements, it is based on customer preferences already full of power and prestige Mercedes bold modifications and upgrades, won the favor of many sports stars and prominent persons. For example, we can now see this Lorinser works, which adds aerodynamic body kit G35 Coilovers, which exposed the modified bumper and grille and a large number of carbon fiber material. It also joined the sports exhaust system and unique alloy wheels. Dynamic aspects, S500 4.6-liter V8 engine after the upgrade, reached the maximum power 390kW, maximum torque of 800Nm, power than the initial increase of 55kW, torque increase of 100Nm. Thanks to the power upgrade, S-class hundred kilometers in just 4.8 seconds, top speed of 250 km / h. Italian legend TAROX brake recently released Audi brake kit. 385 mm brake discs to ensure better cooling and reduce the chance of warping 350Z Coilovers. The discs are solid billet processing, design has a high tensile strength. The power rating of the brake disk 57 kilograms per square millimeter of the ultimate tensile strength. Even racing brake disk specifications usually 38 kilograms per square millimeter, CEE standard UTS is 25 kilograms per square millimeter. This means that the service life is twice the normal brake disc. B400RT 12-piston calipers are two six-piston calipers 350Z Coilovers, caliper features four each. Suitable for OEM 19-inch wheels.