CoCo Vandeweghe pulled off an upset over No. 11 Karolina Pliskova in the second round on
Wednesday, it was time to head to the media room. Reporters always ask the basic questions.
Then, they tend to see what they can stir up.
At some point in talking to media about the win, the topic turned to the New York Knicks.

It wasnt a complete surprise – Vandeweghes grandfather, Ernie Vandeweghe, was a Knick.
Her uncle, Kiki Vandeweghe, is a former Knick, coach and G.M. and is now the NBAs V.P. of
basketball operations. Hes the one that drafted Carmelo Anthony to the Denver Nuggets in

Anthony is now on the Knicks, a.k.a. CoCos favorite team.

So, CoCo has more than one connection to Melo, in a way. And when asked about the team, she
made it clear that shes not impressed with the current star.
CoCo doesnt just want more for the Knicks. She also wants more for herself. Shes
currently ranked No. 47 in the world.
"I want to be top 20 this year," she added. "I want to be No. 1 in the world, why not? Its
just the kind of mindset I was brought up with."

Later Wednesday, CoCo tweeted that she couldnt believe media was taking her Melo comments
so seriously."Love how writers are blowing this out of control!" she wrote, followed by
laughing and clapping emojis.

In the press conference, she added something with which most Knicks fans would agree. "I
just want one winning season. That would be nice."